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For October, we have another big 40-page Newsrail that we’re calling our special Electric Edition.

Mark Cauchi, Ray Ryan and Des Jowett have produced perhaps the definitive work on the E trains. A once-familiar sight to Melbourne commuters, the E trains were pairs of Swing Door motor cars that hauled country passenger or goods trains over the electrified suburban network, in effect acting as a locomotive, in lieu of a conventional steam locomotive. We present the first part of their article in this edition, with the second part to appear in our November edition. As well as an exceptionally well-researched article, there is a simply magnificent selection of photographs dating from the 1930s to the 1960s.

And for those who wanted just that little bit more of Melbourne’s beloved “red trains”, there’s a short feature by Jim Foley on an artwork commissioned to commemorate ‘The Mickey’, the affectionate nickname given by locals to the Kew electric train.

Our News section features a story on the North East Line, where the 130 km/h Class 2 line standard is potentially at risk of reverting to ARTC freight standard due to a lack of agreement between State and Federal Governments over responsibility for maintenance funding.

We also have a major report from Railway and Tramway Heritage Victoria on an exciting new development for our tourist and heritage rail sector. Vast quantities of ballast that was once headed for landfill is now being cleaned for reuse on our state’s tourist and heritage branch lines. And used main line rail retrieved from projects such as level crossing removals is now being cascaded through the sector, enabling major upgrades and extensions to proceed.

Our other regular sections are there:

    • General works
    • Operations and sightings
    • Tramways
    • PTV service quality
    • Where is it?
    • Taildisc

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