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The main feature article for our November 2020 edition concerns the construction of the direct, cross-country line between Horsham and Hamilton which opened 100 years ago, on 19 November 1920. Michael Guiney, who previously authored two of the feature articles in our May 2019 Centenary of Electrification edition, has put together an exceptionally well-researched article on the construction, operation and eventual demise of the line, including the legislative requirements that governed its construction.

For the third time this year, we’ve had so much content to fit in that we’ve had to go beyond the usual 32 pages. Features Editor Mark Cauchi assembled a beautiful collection of photographs for Michael’s article, including steam-era black and white photos by Don Frazer and Andrew Blair, and later diesel-era colour photos from the collections of Geoff Winkler, Weston Langford, and the Geelong & South Western Railway Heritage Society. The photos were so good we couldn’t decide which ones to leave in and leave out, so we instead put an extra four pages in to allow enough space for them all to be properly appreciated. We’re pretty confident our readers will be glad that we did!

Also in this edition, we also have another of Norman Houghton’s ‘Ghost Stations’ series of articles; this time Norman profiles Poorneet, a long-gone station just beyond Cressy on the windswept so-called “Pleurisy Plains”.

There’s also your favourite columns:

  • Calendar anniversaries
  • News and announcements
  • PTV stats
  • Rail works
  • Tramways
  • Operations and sightings
  • Preservation news
  • Taildisc

Our cover photograph shows the famous heritage-listed steam locomotive H220 Heavy Harry finally getting a long-awaited roof to protect it from the elements; a roof that will also cover several other precious heritage rail exhibits at the Newport Railway Museum.

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