In our June 2024 edition

June Newsrail celebrates R Class locomotives, starting with a superb photograph, courtesy Matt Oaten, of R761 returning from Ballarat at sunset on the occasion of its first run since being repainted over summer. And doesn’t that paintwork look brilliant in the setting sun!

In our June 2021 edition, we had a major feature on the 1951 R Class. Now, three years on, we have another R Class feature article, but it’s not about the famous Hudsons! Phil Dunn concludes his special series of articles on the VR “standard” designs of Edward Jeffreys with a history of the New R Class of 1889. Despite sharing many common components with the other standard classes, the highly successful New A, D, E and Y Class locomotives, the New R initially had a poor reputation due to what the Locomotive Branch Inquiry Board described as “the injurious effect of this engine upon lines of not specially heavy construction”.

Our other feature article is by Norman Houghton, and follows on from Chris Banger’s recent article on the Ballarat Cattle Yards/Redan Line. Norman recalls his own experiences working in the Ballarat Goods Shed in the early 1970s, and stories of colleagues and relatives who also worked on the Redan Line in the 1960s, giving a detailed view of typical workings on the line at that time.

Our Tourist and heritage rail column this month visits the Bellarine Railway, where former WAGR Steam Crane No. 30 has been returned to operating condition. Michael Menzies provides a report on the project.
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  1. What a sensational cover photo! One of the very best. Right place, right time, right photographer.
    And the rest of the magazine looks pretty good too! (As they all are).

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