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The dramatic cover photo of this month’s Newsrail concerns the subject of our first feature article: locomotive H220 Heavy Harry. Phil Dunn presents official VR correspondence detailing the design parameters for the locomotive, and then the details of its 1941 performance tests, tests which established that the locomotive’s prodigious horsepower output exceeded expectations.

April 2022 sees the 100th anniversary of the first test run of the AEC Rail Motor Car, an interesting vehicle that has gone down in history as VR’s first successful railcar. We present a concise history and some wonderful photos.

We have two articles from Andrew Blair. He presents a short photo essay of an overlooked aspect of railway infrastructure: ground-level crossings between platforms. Andrew has also put together an update, with some striking photographs, on the amazing progress being made by Yarra Valley Railway in their laying of track at Yarra Glen Station.

Mark Cauchi, who last year authored our first book, Rails by the sea, has provided an addendum to his book with some photographs and other details that didn’t quite make the book by deadline.

Our regular columns are there:

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